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Annual events in Havertown, PA

Annual events in Havertown, PA

Havertown is an unincorporated suburban residential community situated in the Haverford Township of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The Haverford Township was founded by the Welsh Quakers in the year 1681 by purchasing some land from a man named William Penn. One of the earliest roads located in the vicinity of Havertown is the Haverford Road which had been laid out according to the norms of civil ordinance.

Most of the roads within this area date back to the time of 1600s and 1700s. For instance, the Coopertown Road which is also known as the Darby Road was constructed way back in the year 1687. The Dickinson Mill Road, popularly known as the Mill Road is also one of the many historical roads situated in this area. Moreover, Havertown also consists of various historical sites such as the Grand Estate, Leedom Hall, Federal School and the Lawrence Cabin.

There are various events as well as festivals which are held in Havertown every year. But one of the most common annual events in Havertown, PA is the Haverford Music Festival. The Haverford Township Civic Council (HTCC) first introduced the concept of the Haverford Music Festival. HTCC is a non – profit, private organization which is responsible for funding various environmental, historic, community and business related initiatives in the Haverford Township. The Haverford Music Festival has been inspired by many other music festivals such as the Bethlehem Musikfest, Philadelphia Music Festival, etc. The music festival is basically family oriented and is being held annually since 2011 in Havertown’s Oakmont Business District.

Most of the community – based programs are being funded by the benefits received by the HTCC during this festival. The majority of residents residing in Havertown are of Irish descent. Many Irish immigrants started flocking to Havertown from the starting of the early 19th century. The Irish people arrived at Havertown in three different time phases i.e. during the Mill era of 19th century, the railroad communities of the 20th century and the suburban housing tracts post World War II. It was being tracked during the Census record of 1860 that a majority of Irish population was residing in this area. Most of these Irish residents were reported to be working in various mills owned by a man named Dennis Kelly in this particular area. With the planning and development of more communities such as Oakmont, Brookline and Manoa, there was a major accumulation of Irish population in this area. Thus, Havertown can be considered as a community with various historical roots and lineage which make it an important part of the many communities located within the premises of Pennsylvania.