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Air Scrubber

Spring is right around the corner. Do you or your family suffer from Allergies? Are you concerned with the quality of the air inside your home. Ask us about Air Scrubber.

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Protect Your Cooling System

Protect Your Cooling System with a Pan-Treatment Strip

Stops Water Leaks and Clogging Drains 
Reduce Fungus, Mold and Mildew 
Time-Released for Long-Lasting Results

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved this Pan-Treatment strip to help kill odor causing bacteria!

It comes in a solid strip package, releases actives into the air and the polymer shell is easy clean up.

Adds a light pleasant scent to the air while providing dependable, sustainted time-released protection.

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Protect Your Home During the Holidays and All Year Round

Christmas trees are a traditional part of the Christmas holiday. They can also be a major source of fuel in a fire.

National estimates of reported home structure fires show that Christmas trees are the source of fires resulting in $17.5 million in property damage. On average, one of every 31 reported home Christmas tree fires resulted in a death, compared to an average of one death per 144 total reported home fires.

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