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The History of

Plymouth Meeting PA

Plymouth Meeting PA


Plymouth Meeting, PA The area was originally settled by members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, who built the Plymouth Friends Meetinghouse in 1708. They sailed from Devonshire, England, on the ship Desire, arriving in Philadelphia on June 23, 1686. The settlement takes its name from the founders’ hometown of Plymouth in Devon. History of Plymouth Meeting PA.

During the Revolutionary War, in May 1778, the Plymouth Friends Meetinghouse served as a temporary military hospital. General George Washington, then at Valley Forge, learned that a British force intended to seize the area and cut off the movement of the Continental Army. He sent the Marquis de Lafayette and 2,100 troops to counter. They camped around the meetinghouse on the night before the May 19 Battle of Barren Hill. The next morning the British arrived with a massive force of 16,000 and tried to cut off any escape route. Lafayette instead took advantage of the Americans’ knowledge of local roads and escaped with minimal casualties. Plymouth Meeting, PA  


In 1925, the Board of Health was organized. Plumbing inspection began in 1934. In 1939, Plymouth adopted a “modern” zoning ordinance. A building code ordinance was adopted. In 1947, the first subdivision ordinance was adopted. In 1952, the Township Planning Commission was created, and a Recreation Committee was established to study recreation needs.

Plymouth Township adopted a Home Rule Charter in 1972. This allows a municipality to take any governmental or administrative actions it requires unless such actions are prohibited by general laws of the Commonwealth.


History of Plymouth Meeting PA