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Ductless Split Systems

Advanced Air Conditioning to Suit Your Needs

As opposed to central air conditioning, which can cool an entire house or commercial office space, our ductless, or split-systems at Adam Mechanical Heating and Cooling in Havertown PA are an innovative and more efficient way to cool rooms or spaces. With ductless systems, an outside unit can be located further away from any room you wish to be cooler and instead of requiring all that interior wall space for the air-duct, a smaller exterior hose connects a unit mounted on the inside wall to the outside unit. In addition, since ductless units do not collect dust or contain pools of condensation, they are a cleaner way of cooling a specific room

Our team can install various types of ductless split systems including:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Ceiling Cassette
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Universal Floor / Ceiling
  • Concealed Duct

Though slightly more expensive, ductless air conditioning allows for flexible and targeted cooling of any interior room or office.

At Adam Mechanical Heating and Cooling, we are fully capable of installing a ductless system in your home or business, so give us a call in Havertown at 484-316-4413 now to learn how!

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