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High Velocity Systems in Havertown

Learn if high velocity air conditioning is right for your space!

High velocity air conditioning systems differ from other types of air conditioning systems because they feature small diameter ductwork. This means high velocity air conditioning systems are ideal for adding air conditioning to older, multi-story homes where large diameter ductwork is difficult or impossible to install. High velocity systems can also result in a drier, more comfortable environment than what a conventional air conditioning system may provide. Since it expels air at a high-velocity, a high velocity air conditioner creates a mixture of air in a room to ensure it circulates completely.

Other benefits of high velocity systems include:

  • Year-Round Comfort
  • No Major Renovations
  • No Loss of Floor Space
  • No High Energy Bills
  • No Unsightly A/C Units
  • Quiet, Cost-Effective Comfort

Regardless of whether you wish to install a high velocity system in your home or small office, we at Adam Mechanical Heating and Cooling can help.

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