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Pablo Aragon
Pablo Aragon 5.0
bruce ludwig
bruce ludwig 4.0
Mike Delaney
Mike Delaney 5.0

Super professional, great communication and great work make this an easy review to write. Had an emergency central AC issue and they were able to come out immediately. Explained all the issues and gave us several options for repairs and explained each so we understood exactly what was wrong and how they would fix it. Easy payment options and great perks for being a member.Read More...

Megan Forgie
Megan Forgie 5.0

Dan was amazing and so was Jen who took my call and scheduled the appt. thank you so so much!!

Maureen Manzi
Maureen Manzi 5.0
Asim Haque
Asim Haque 5.0
MG MG 5.0
Jessica White
Jessica White 1.0

**Below review is based on experience for a diagnostic visit, not a full repair.** I called Adam Mechanical after my air conditioning broke down, in the middle of a heat wave. The technician, Dan, came out quickly and was prompt, so points for that. He ...confirmed that the issue was the compressor and recommended that I get the whole unit replaced, due to the age of the unit and because the company discontinued compressors for this model. Ok, so far, so good. My issue with Adam Mechanical is what happened next. Before telling me his price, Dan asks what estimates I've gotten before, and tells me there are only a few of these units available, and I have to ACT FAST to lock one in, as in, I have to make a decision in the next few hours, so he can call his super secret contact to earmark one for me before they're all gone and I'm destined to melt into a puddle on the floor. Meanwhile, I look up the unit on two different websites and I see that it's in stock. Thanks, internet. Dan also tells me that the cost will be just shy of $12,000. Mind you, the RETAIL price of this unit is about $3,500. And based on what other HVAC professionals have told me, it's a pretty straightforward job. So paying more than $8000 for labor didn't make any sense to me. After reviewing the contract that he created in his car after telling me he would return to the office to draft something up (btw, the contract was really sloppy and left a lot of details out) I really start having doubts. Behind the scenes, I confirmed with a friend in the industry that price was way too high. After pushing back on that, Dan drops about $800 off the offer just like that, but his condescension goes from about a 5 to 8/10. After listening to one too many mansplaining moments from him, I had enough (Did you know receptionists need to be paid?!? Thanks, Dan, I learned so much.) EVERY other company I spoke to (and I spoke to a few) made offers $3000+ LOWER than Adam Mechanical's. I ended up getting the same exact unit installed by a different company for HALF the price that Adam Mechanical quoted. I'm not going to make any sweeping generalizations about this company, because that's not fair. This was one diagnostic visit with one technician, but the next time I need anything done related to my HVAC, I know who I am definitely NOT calling.Read More...

Ritu Thapa
Ritu Thapa 5.0

Jim was awesome! He resolved the issue, was very professional and gave us great advice. 👍

Eric Crawford
Eric Crawford 5.0

I had Adam Mechanical remove my 26 year old heater/ac unit. They were on-time professional and did everything they could to make sure the new units were setup properly.

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