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Marisa Schratz
Marisa Schratz 5.0
Brian McGuire
Brian McGuire 5.0

They responded quickly to my request for an appointment in the next day or two. Mike is a complete professional who answered all my questions and offered lots of helpful information. More than fair charge. Our new HVAC guy!

V Dewalt
V Dewalt 5.0
Bethann Kagan
Bethann Kagan 5.0

Ian from Adam Mechanical was in my house for 2 days. Ian is awesome! He diagnosed and fixed every single issue (of which we had many between our newish boiler being installed improperly by a DIFFERENT company and radiators likely from the mid 1900s.) Our is warm for the first time in forever! I cannot say enough about Adam Mechanical all around - text communications, speaking with people on the phone the minute you call. Ian gave us a text when he was nearby each day. Adam Mechanical is also a great value! When you have a maintenance contract with them, all services to fix issues are discounted 20%. Thank you! I recommend both Ian and Adam Mechanical to everyone!Read More...

Calvin Hall
Calvin Hall 5.0

Arrived on time. Staff installed the heater with no problems. They showed me how to use the new thermostat

George Alexander
George Alexander 5.0

Ian from Adam Mechanical was terrific. He thoroughly cleaned and then calibrated my gas furnace. He made certain it was running smoothly. I had questions about the unit and he answered them all. Since I am considering selling the house I wanted to know much as I could about any weaknesses the heater might have. (Adam Mechanical did not install this unit.) Ian pointed out a few code errors that I would want to address before getting a home inspection. I asked if AM would handle it. He affirmed and gave me a quote. I asked advice about thermostat settings and thermostats in general. Again, it was evident that he had an in-depth understanding of every question I asked. You won't go wrong in asking for Ian as your trusted technician by name if you call Adam Mechanical for service.Read More...

Patty Cappelletti
Patty Cappelletti 5.0
Fredric Blum (Fred)
Fredric Blum (Fred) 5.0
Mia Renwick
Mia Renwick 5.0

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